Case Fatality Rate

ECHO’s KOI indicator, Impact indicator

Indicator Phrasing

case fatality rate
taux de létalité
smrtnost (letalita)

Indicator Phrasing

English: case fatality rate

French: taux de létalité

Czech: smrtnost (letalita)

What is its purpose?

The indicator assesses the number of people who died of a disease divided by the number of people who have the disease. It is useful for determining the severity of the disease outbreaks.

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data

Calculate the indicator's value by taking the following steps:


1) Assess the number of people who died from the disease during a pre-defined time period. If possible, collect and crosscheck the data from more sources, such as health centres, local authorities and burial societies.


2) Divide it by the total number of all people who had the disease during the same time period.


3) Multiply it by 100. The resulting percentage is the Case Fatality Rate.

Important Comments

1) Case fatality rate is one of ECHO's Key Outcome Indicators (see below). 


2) Disaggregate the data by sex and age groups.

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