Do you want to get the most out of IndiKit?

By using IndiKit, you and your colleagues can save time on designing indicators and surveys, gain more reliable M&E data, and share your good practices with others. Do you like this idea? Check the following tips on how you can ensure that your colleagues are aware of IndiKit’s support and are actively using it. 


What about if you …

  • … during the next staff meeting introduce IndiKit to your colleagues? Feel free to use our short presentation.

  • … promote IndiKit on social media? Take advantage of this funny cartoon, nice banners or video!

  • … suggest to your M&E and fundraising colleagues to include a link to IndiKit into their training and manuals?


Would you like your organization to have its own IndiKit? It is easy! All humanitarian and development organizations can have their own version of IndiKit that is fully customized to their needs, has their logo and unique address ( Your organization can decide what indicators will be uploaded, how they will be filtered, in which language they will be available, and much more. Would you like to hear more? Get in touch with us!


Do you have good technical expertise? IndiKit welcomes partnerships with organizations interested in expanding the scope and quality of the provided guidance. Your organization will become the co-author of the jointly developed guidance and gain attractive visibility. Even a few hours of your time can help! Are you interested? Let’s schedule a Skype call and discuss more.