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Professionals Using Gained Knowledge/ Skills

Indicator Phrasing

number or % of supported professionals using newly acquired knowledge/ skills for ensuring social protection
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Indicator Phrasing

English: number or % of supported professionals using newly acquired knowledge/ skills for ensuring social protection

French: nombre ou % de professionnels appuyés utilisant les connaissances/ compétences nouvellement acquises pour assurer la protection sociale

Portuguese: número ou % de profissionais suportados pelo projecto/programa que usam os conhecimentos / habilidades recém-adquiridos para garantir a proteção social

Czech: počet nebo % podpořených specialistů využívajících nově nabytých znalostí/ dovedností k zajištění sociální ochrany

What is its purpose?

The indicator assesses the number of professionals working within the social protection system who have acquired new skills/ knowledge from the provided assistance and apply it in their work.

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data

Collect the following data by conducting individual interviews with a representative sample of the supported professionals:


Q1: Did you gain any specific knowledge or skills from [specify the provided assistance] you use in your work?

A1: yes / no


(ask the following question only if the previous answer is YES)


Q2: Can you please tell me all the specific knowledge or skills you gained from the [specify the provided assistance] and use in your work?

A2: pre-define a list of the desired knowledge/skills (include also option “other – specify: …………………”)

Probe: Did you gain any other knowledge or skills that you currently use in your work?


(the following question is recommended but not mandatory)

Q3: When did you last used the [specify the knowledge / skill mentioned as an answer to question Q2]?

A3: _

1) ........ [choose: days / weeks / months] ago

2) does not remember



Repeat Q3 for all the knowledge/skills listed as a response to Q2. 


To calculate the indicator’s value (in percentages), divide the number of professionals using any of the gained knowledge/ skills in their work by the total number of interviewed professionals. Multiply the result by 100 to convert it to a percentage.

Important Comments

1) Since using only one piece of knowledge/ skill might be a relatively poor result, consider setting a minimum number/ type of the gained knowledge/ skills which the professional has to use in her/his work in order to be considered as “using newly acquired knowledge/ skills”.


2) When asking about frequency, it is recommended to use the phrase "When did you last ... ?" as opposed to the question "How often did you ... ?". While it is possible that, for example, a person used a certain skill yesterday but normally s/he uses it only once per year, in the total sample of your respondents, such 'accidental' facts cancel each other out and you gain more reliable frequency data than you would get if you had asked "How often ...?". 

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