Do you want your own version of IndiKit?


Do you want your own version of IndiKit?

The IndiKit team understands that since different organizations address different challenges, they want their M&E tools to be fully adjusted to their needs. Therefore we offer your organization the possibility to have its own, fully customized version of IndiKit (see an example). Having your own version of IndiKit makes it easier for your colleagues and partner organizations to gain reliable M&E data. It saves them time and contributes to a better quality of programming.

How do customized versions of IndiKit work? Within two weeks, we can create your own IndiKit website (using your organization's branding), with its own administration system allowing you to adjust the website’s content to your needs. The use of IndiKit’s admin system is very easy – in an hour-long training, you learn everything you need to know. Through the admin system, you can decide which sectors and indicators are displayed, set how indicators will be filtered, adjust the indicator guidance, upload your own resources, and much more. You can also receive free notifications about new indicator guidance available at

The cost of having your own IndiKit is 1,500 EUR for the first year and 1,000 EUR for each subsequent year (this is considerably less than the overall costs of designing and maintaining your own website). It includes the development of your website and its admin system, training on its use, any follow-up support you might need, extensive storage space, regular backup of your data, costs related to website hosting and maintenance, and useful advice on preparing and promoting your own indicator guidance. The fees also help us finance the public version of IndiKit, allowing us to keep improving its content and be able to offer it to everyone for free!

Would you like to know more about having your own version of IndiKit? Get in touch with us to schedule a call.