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Trained Teachers

Indicator Phrasing

number or % of teachers/ education personnel who successfully completed a training program
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Indicator Phrasing

English: number or % of teachers/ education personnel who successfully completed a training program

French: nombre ou % d’enseignants/ personnel éducatif ayant réussi le programme de formation

Portuguese: número ou % de professores / pessoal educactivo que completaram um programa de formação com aproveitamento

Czech: počet nebo % učitelů/ mistrů odborného vzdělávání, kteří úspěšně dokončili školení

What is its purpose?

Training of teachers can have a great impact on student learning outcomes. This only happens when the teachers apply new knowledge and skills in their classroom. Practicing the newly learnt knowledge and skills already during the training significantly increases the impact on their teaching. The indicator therefore measures the number and % of trainees who completed a training and successfully met the performance based training requirements.

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data

1) Define clear performance-based criteria for the training participants. Clearly defined criteria represent the training objectives. Make all trainees aware of the criteria. Examples of good performance based criteria include:

  > Teacher prepares a lesson plan incorporating at least 2 active learning methods.

  > Teacher performs a microteaching session incorporating at least one continuous assessment technique.

  > Teacher compiles a portfolio including the best samples of their students’ work, training handouts, 3 implemented lesson plans and a self-reflection sheet.

  > Teacher attends at least 80% of the course.


2) During the training, the trainer assesses the trainees against the criteria by administering a trainee performance record sheet. The sheet consists of a list of participants and all criteria stated for the given training course. Throughout the training, the trainer records when a given criterion has been met by a trainee.


3) At the end of each training, the record sheet serves as a basis for the certification of the successful training graduates and calculation of the number and % of successfully trained teachers.

Disaggregate by

Disaggregate the data by gender and the (type of) school where the teachers work.

Important Comments

1) It is of crucial importance that the criteria are introduced right at the beginning of the training, that all trainees are aware of them and understand what they mean. 


2) The trainer has to make sure that each trainee has an opportunity to perform all the requested tasks.


3) As compared to an output indicator "number of teachers who receive training on... ", the proposed indicator on "successful completion of training" is more complex. It encompasses the performance-oriented training design and captures the teacher's potential to implement the new knowledge and skills and change her/his teaching practices.


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