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Value of Loans Accessed

Indicator Phrasing

total value of promoted loans accessed by [specify the target groups] in the past [specify the period]
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Indicator Phrasing

English: total value of promoted loans accessed by [specify the target groups] in the past [specify the period]

French: valeur totale des prêts promus auxquels [spécifiez les groupes cibles] ont eu accès pendant [spécifiez la période] passé

Portuguese: valor total dos empréstimos promovidos acedidos por [especificar os grupos-alvo] no passado [especificar o período]

Czech: celková finanční hodnota propagovaných půjček obdržených [určete cílovou skupinu] v uplynulých [určete období]

What is its purpose?

The indicator shows the amount of finance that was made available (as a loan) by the project partner(s), such as banks, micro-finance institutions, cooperatives, etc., to the targeted businesses.

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data

Calculate the indicator’s value either by:

    1) collecting the information from the providers of the promoted loans / financing products – this approach is likely to be the easiest and most precise; ensure that your agreement with the providers includes their obligation to provide the required data; or

   2) if the first option is not possible, conducting a survey among all (or a representative sample of) the target businesses

If you have the opportunity to use both approaches, it can give you greater confidence in the data you have.  

Disaggregate by

Consider disaggregating the data by the purpose of the loan, amount categories, gender (if an individual), and other criteria relevant to the focus of your intervention.

Important Comments

1) It is important that this indicator is not taken as if more (loans, credit, etc.) is necessarily a good thing. While projects should ensure that they promote only responsible loaning, their monitoring & evaluation systems should complement the results of this indicator with data on:

   - % of loans repaid on time, without any additional costs

   - what the loans were actually used for

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