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Indicator Phrasing

total number of times the communicated content was displayed on social media users screen
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Indicator Phrasing

English: total number of times the communicated content was displayed on social media users screen

French: nombre total de publications sur les réseaux sociaux réalisées pendant la campagne

Spanish: número total de veces que el contenido comunicado se mostró en la pantalla de los usuarios de las redes sociales

Portuguese: número total de publicações nas redes sociais realizadas durante a campanha

Czech: celkový počet zobrazení komunikovaného obsahu na obrazovce uživatelů sociálních sítí

What is its purpose?

Impressions measure the number of times communicated content was displayed to users. For example, if ten users saw your post twice, the impressions will be 20.

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data

Determine the indicator's value by using the following methodology:


1) Decide what social media content you need to measure. Are you interested in the impressions of all the posts on all the social media used during your campaign? Or a specific selection only?


2) Use an online search engine to find the most up-to-date, official guidance on counting impressions on your chosen social media platform(s). Follow the provided guidance to calculate the impressions of the content you are interested in.


3) To determine the indicator’s value, sum up the impressions of all the communicated content.


Disaggregate by

Disaggregate the data by social media channels, gender, age group, location, and other factors relevant to the focus of your social media campaign.

Important Comments

1) As of early 2023, “impressions” was one of the few social media metrics measured by all leading social media platforms. It allows you to compare the results of your campaign across different platforms.  


2) In addition to measuring the number of impressions, consider measuring the price per impression (divide the total number of impressions by the total price).


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