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Indicator Phrasing

the number of clicks received on the communicated content
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Indicator Phrasing

English: the number of clicks received on the communicated content

French: nombre de clics reçus sur le contenu communiqué

Spanish: el número de "clics" recibidos en los contenidos comunicados

Portuguese: número de cliques que o conteúdo comunicado recebeu

Czech: počet kliknutí na komunikovaný obsah

What is its purpose?

Many non-profit social media campaigns want people to click on content that will take them to a website, allow them to see photos, or watch a video. This indicator measures the extent to which people do so. It is among the more valuable social media indicators, as it shows people’s deeper interest in what you are communicating. Be aware that different types of clicks measure different things.

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data

Determine the indicator's value by using the following methodology:


1) Decide what social media content you need to measure. Are you interested in measuring everything you used? Or a certain selection only?


2) Decide which type of clicks you need to measure. For example, you can measure all clicks (on any content of a post) or clicks on a link. There are also other types of clicks, so use online searches to understand and decide what types of clicks you want to measure.


3) To determine the indicator’s value, sum up the number of clicks generated by the different content you are interested in.


Disaggregate by

Disaggregate the data by social media channels and other factors relevant to the focus of your social media campaign.

Important Comments

1) Keep in mind that the fact that a user clicked on a link does not automatically mean that s/he actually visited the website. It also does not tell us about what s/he did on the website. To gain deeper insights, complement this indicator with data from Google Analytics.


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