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Environmentally-Friendly Construction Materials and Methods

Indicator Phrasing

increased use of environmentally friendly construction materials and methods
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Indicator Phrasing

English: increased use of environmentally friendly construction materials and methods

French: utilisation accrue de matériaux et de méthodes de construction respectueux de l'environnement

Spanish: aumentado el uso de materiales y métodos de construcción respetuosos con el medio ambiente

Portuguese: uso aumentado de materiais e métodos de construção amigos do ambiente

Czech: zvýšené používání stavebních materiálů a metod šetrných k životnímu prostředí

What is its purpose?

This qualitative indicator indicates that the project used more environmentally-friendly construction materials and methods compared to standard (re)construction practices in the given area and context. It is intended for humanitarian contexts where exact quantifications of the environmental benefits might not be feasible.

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data

Explain and, where possible quantify the increased use of environmentally friendly construction materials and methods in the project activities. These can include, for example:

     - use of durable, recyclable, and renewable materials

     - use local sources of construction material where this can be done in an environmentally responsible way

     - use disaster debris as a reconstruction material

     - use of building materials with a lower carbon footprint

     - minimising energy consumption (related to producing materials, the construction process, and the shelter / building operation)

     - install renewable energy sources (e.g., solar panels, solar thermal energy)

     - minimising on-site waste

     - ensuring safe waste management

     - otherwise protecting the natural habitats during and after the construction phase

     - build accordingly to environmental principles (shading, cross-ventilation, solar orientation)


The “increased use” means that you have to demonstrate that the project has used environmentally friendly construction materials and methods to a greater extent than is expected in the given area / context (e.g. considering local common practices / standards or shelter cluster recommendations).


Important Comments

1) This indicator is intended primarily for humanitarian contexts. If you are working in a more stable context, consider using more precise measurements that quantify the environmental benefits of the measures taken (e.g. amount of resources saved or reductions in greenhouse gas emissions). 


2) It is vital that the use of eco-friendly materials do not lead to any negative impacts, such as reduced comfort level, increased heat gain, or reduced insulation, compared to the materials used otherwise.

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