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Duration of Water Source Functionality

Indicator Phrasing

average duration of the target water sources' functionality in the past 12 months
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Indicator Phrasing

English: average duration of the target water sources' functionality in the past 12 months

French: durée moyenne de fonctionnement des sources d'eau ciblés au cours des 12 derniers mois

Spanish: duración media de la funcionalidad de las fuentes de agua objetivo en los últimos 12 meses

Portuguese: duração média da funcionalidade das fontes de água-alvo nos últimos 12 meses

Czech: průměrná doba fungování cílových vodních zdrojů v uplynulých 12 měsících

What is its purpose?

The indicator assesses for how many months the target water sources in the past 12 months have been fully functional (i.e. provided the usual amount of water). It is an important sign of the water sources’ technical quality and maintenance.

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data

Collect the following data by conducting key informant interviews with operators and users of the target water sources:



Q1: In the past 12 months, has it happened that the [specify the water source] stopped working?

A1: yes / no / does not remember


(ask the following question only if the previous answer is YES)


Q2: In the past 12 months, what was the total time when the [specify the water source] did not work?

A2: _
1) ............. weeks 

2) does not remember


(the following question is not mandatory)


Q3: What was the main reason why the [water source] did not provide water the last time it stopped working?


1) lifting apparatus did not work

2) a part of the pump or tap was damaged or stolen

3) power source (generator, electricity grid) stopped working

4) water management committee did not work properly (specify: …….)

5) the pipeline was broken

6) the source dried up for good

7) the source dried up seasonally

8) does not know

9) other - specify: ........................................


NOTE: The duration of the water source’s functionality in the past 12 months can be calculated as 12 months minus the time when the water source did not work (for example, 12 months minus two weeks = 11.5 months). 


Calculate the indicator's value by summing up the duration of all water sources' functionality and dividing it by the number of surveyed water sources. 

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