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Water Source Repairs

Indicator Phrasing

% of water management committees capable of ensuring the water source's repair
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Indicator Phrasing

English: % of water management committees capable of ensuring the water source's repair

French: % de comités de gestion de l'eau capables d'assurer la réparation de la source d'eau

Spanish: % de comités de gestión del agua capaces de garantizar la reparación de la fuente de agua

Portuguese: % de grupos comunitários -alvo para gestão de água capazes de assegurar a reparação da fonte de água

Czech: % skupin spravujících vodní zdroje schopných zajistit jejich opravy

What is its purpose?

The indicator measures the proportion of water management committees (or other actors responsible for the water source's operation) capable of ensuring required repairs without unnecessary delays, when required.

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data

Collect the following data by conducting focus group discussions with the water management group members:



Q1: Do you know someone who can quickly repair [specify the water source] if required?

A1: yes / no


(ask the following question only if the previous answer is YES)


Q2: Is the repairer usually able to secure all the spare parts required for the repair?

A2: yes / no / only for minor repairs


Q3: If the [specify the water source] needs only smaller repair, are you able to pay its costs?

A3: yes / no


Q4: If the [specify the water source] needs more expensive repair, are you able to ensure it either by using your own money or by ensuring that relevant authorities conduct the repair? 

A4: yes / no


NOTE: The water management committee can be ranked as "capable of ensuring repairs" only if the answers to all questions are YES.


To calculate the indicator's value, divide the number of water management committees capable of ensuring repairs by the total number of assessed water sources. Multiply the result by 100 to convert it to a percentage.

Important Comments

1) Crosscheck the data from this indicator with the data on Duration of Water Source Functionality. The data should not be contradictory – for example, indicating that the water management committee is capable of ensuring repairs while showing that its water source has not worked for most of the past 12 months.

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