Relapsed Children

Outcome indicator, Cluster indicator

Indicator Phrasing

% of relapsed children
% d'enfants en rechute
% de crianças com recaída
% dětí, jejichž stav se opětovně zhoršil

Indicator Phrasing

English: % of relapsed children

French: % d'enfants en rechute

Portuguese: % de crianças com recaída

Czech: % dětí, jejichž stav se opětovně zhoršil

What is its purpose?

The indicator measures the proportion of admitted children who were in the past two months discharged from the treatment program as recovered and became again severely malnourished.

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data

Divide the number of relapses by the total number of admitted children and multiply the result by 100. The number equals to the percentage of relapsed children.

Disaggregate by

Disaggregate the data by gender and age groups.

Important Comments

1) The indicator does not require a separate survey – all data can be gained from the treatment program’s regular records.


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