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Number of Damaged Houses

Indicator Phrasing

number or % of houses damaged by hazardous events in the past [specify the number of months/ years]
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Indicator Phrasing

English: number or % of houses damaged by hazardous events in the past [specify the number of months/ years]

French: nombre ou % de maisons endommagées par des événements dangereux dans les [précisez le nombre de mois / années] précédents

Spanish: número o % de casas dañadas por eventos peligrosos en el pasado [especificar el número de meses/ años]

Portuguese: número ou % de casas danificadas por desastres nos passados [especifique o número de meses / anos]

Czech: počet nebo % domů poškozených katastrofou/ rizikovou událostí během posledních [určete počet měsíců / let]

What is its purpose?

The indicator assesses the number of houses damaged by hazardous events over a given time period.

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data

There are two main options for gaining the required data:


1) Use Official Statistics: If the relevant authorities in your target area have a reliable system of collecting data on the number of damaged houses, use this data.


2) Conduct a Survey: If there is no data available or if you do not trust the quality, conduct a representative survey among people living in the target areas asking them: "In the past [specify the time period], did your houses become damaged as a result of a storm, strong wind, flood, wildfire or other natural event?" (amend the examples according to the local context)


If possible, collect and crosscheck the data from both sources.

Important Comments

1) Since many hazardous events (fortunately) do not occur very frequently, the indicator is more suitable for longer-term interventions.


2) Define the minimum damage level specifying what "damaged house" means.


3) It is recommended that you also assess the extent of the damage by using standard engineering assessment practices modified for non-technical specialists. Distinguish the following damage levels: none or slightly (green), moderately – can be repaired (yellow), heavily - not safe to inhabit (red), totally damaged. These can be distinguished for each construction type, with a set of photographs.

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