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Natural Resource Management

Indicator Phrasing

number of communities with an effective natural resources management structure in place
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Indicator Phrasing

English: number of communities with an effective natural resources management structure in place

French: nombre de collectivités ayant une structure de gestion des ressources naturelles efficace

Portuguese: número de comunidades com uma estrutura eficaz de gestão de recursos naturais em vigor

Czech: počet komunit s účinným systémem správy přírodních zdrojů

What is its purpose?

The indicator assesses the number of communities with an effective system for managing their local natural resources.

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data

Determine the indicator's value by using the following methodology:


1) In each village, identify the group(s) responsible for the management of local natural resources.


2) Together with their members, relevant authorities and the local community members define what their main responsibilities are (if this has not been done earlier).


3) Set the minimum number and type of responsibilities each group needs to fulfill in order for the system to be considered as "effective". 


4) Compare their main responsibilities with the actual work they have (not) been doing (this can be assessed by interviews with its members and the key informants, observations, review of meeting minutes, focus group discussions with the local community members, etc.). Consider also the effectiveness of such work (for example, if they declared an enclosure of a certain area but people do not respect it, such action cannot be considered as "effective").


5) Calculate the indicator's value by summing up the number of communities whose groups follow the minimum number and types of responsibilities (i.e. the communities have an effective natural resources management structure in place). 

Important Comments

1) Keep in mind that communities may have highly developed but informal or verbal agreements on resource management.

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