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Delivery Mechanism Performance

Indicator Phrasing

% of [select: cash transfers / vouchers] provided in line with the pre-defined performance criteria
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Indicator Phrasing

English: % of [select: cash transfers / vouchers] provided in line with the pre-defined performance criteria

French: % de [sélectionnez: transferts d’espèces / bons] fournis en accord avec les critères de performance prédéfinis

Portuguese: % de [selecionar: transferências em dinheiro / vouchers] fornecidos de acordo com os critérios de desempenho pré-definidos

Czech: % [vyberte: peněžních převodů / poukázek] poskytnutých v souladu se stanovenými standardy kvality

What is its purpose?

This composite indicator enables you to measure the proportion of the provided cash-based assistance (CBA) meeting pre-defined performance criteria, such as being provided to the right person, in the correct amount, or according to the established timeframe.

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data

To determine the indicator's value, use the following methodology:


1) Define a limited number (3 - 6) of the most important performance criteria each cash transfer / voucher is expected to meet. The criteria must be those the project team can realistically influence. These can include, for example:

   - CBA was provided to the right person (those meeting selection criteria)

   - CBA was provided in the correct amount

   - CBA was provided within the agreed timeframe

   - CBA was provided safely


2) If you use more than three criteria, consider setting a benchmark of how many / which criteria the CBA must meet to be considered as meeting the indicator. This can be, for example, all “essential criteria” (e.g. right person, correct amount, etc.) and at least one “additional criterion” (e.g. provided within the agreed timeframe).


3) Include in the post-distribution monitoring (PDM) conducted among a representative sample of the target group members questions that assess whether the criteria were met. For example:

  - Did the intended person receive the cash transfer / voucher?

  - What was the amount s/he received?

  - When did she receive the cash / voucher?

  - How safe did s/he feel when receiving the cash / voucher? (see guidance)

It is important that the PDM is conducted within a few days to weeks after the distribution; otherwise, people might not be able correctly recall the requested information. If you provide cash to a mobile population, you might need to conduct the survey immediately after the distribution. For e-transfers you may be able to draw some of this data directly without having to ask beneficiaries as such.


4) To calculate the indicator’s value, divide the number of cash transfers / vouchers that met the minimum performance criteria (see step 2) by the total number of surveyed cash transfers / vouchers. Multiply the result by 100 to convert it to a percentage. 


Important Comments

1) If you conduct cash transfers / voucher distributions in several phases (or in several locations), do not wait to conduct the post-distribution monitoring until all distributions are over. Starting with the monitoring immediately after the first phase / location will help you identify potential weaknesses and address them in the remaining distributions. 


2) Also consider reporting separately on the extent to which various performance criteria were met, for example:

  - % of the CBA that was provided to the right person

  - % of the CBA that was provided in the correct amount


3) Consider also complementing this indicator with the following information that is based on the beneficiaries’ subjective opinion:

- % of the target population who reported that using [specify: vouchers / bank cards / …] was easy

- % of the target population who think that [specify: cash / voucher / …] is the best response to their needs


4) Avoid using too many performance criteria – otherwise there is the risk that if you do not meet one (of many criteria), the cash transfer / voucher will automatically be labeled as “not meeting performance criteria”. Similarly, do not include criteria that your project cannot directly and significantly influence.


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