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Income of Supported Businesses

Indicator Phrasing

average monthly net income of supported businesses for the past [specify number] months
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Indicator Phrasing

English: average monthly net income of supported businesses for the past [specify number] months

French: revenu net mensuel moyen des entreprises appuyées pendant les [précisez le nombre] derniers mois

Spanish: ingresos netos mensuales medios de las empresas apoyadas durante los últimos [especificar número] meses

Portuguese: rendimento líquido mensal médio das empresas apoiadas nos passados [especifique número] meses

Czech: průměrný měsíční čistý příjem podpořených podniků během posledních [určete počet] měsíců

What is its purpose?

The indicator assesses the average monthly net income of businesses supported by an intervention, an important aspect of the intervention's effectiveness.

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data

Determine the indicator's value by using the following methodology:


1) Request the business owner to tell you the amount of his business' income and expenses for each of the assessed month (for example, June 2016, July 2016, August 2016 and September 2016).


2) Verify the amounts by enquiring about further details (e.g. about how many goods/services were sold for which price), requesting relevant documentation (e.g. invoices, payrolls), conducting observations, and crosschecking the information with key informants (e.g. employees or customers).


3) By deducting the expenses from the received income, you will calculate the business' net profit.


4) Calculate the indicator's value by summing up the net profit of the surveyed businesses (for the given time period) and dividing it by the number of surveyed businesses. 

Important Comments

1) BHA uses an "easier" version of the indicator: "percent of beneficiaries reporting net income from their livelihoods", meaning that any supported livelihoods that generate revenues greater than costs counts, irrespective of what profit is generated. See more information in BHA's indicator guidance in Additional Guidance below. 

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