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Active Use of Advocacy Plan

Indicator Phrasing

the frequency of reviews and revisions of the advocacy plan
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Indicator Phrasing

English: the frequency of reviews and revisions of the advocacy plan

French: fréquence des examens et des révisions des plans de plaidoyer

Spanish: la frecuencia de los exámenes y revisiones del plan de incidencia

Portuguese: a frequência das análises e revisões do plano de advocacia

Czech: četnost přezkumů a revizí advokačních plánů

What is its purpose?

Advocacy is a dynamic process. It is vital that those advocating towards a shared goal work with a plan that appropriately guides and supports them. Therefore, this indicator shows the extent to which an advocacy team has used their agreed advocacy plan as a living, breathing document that is reviewed, reflected upon, and revised when necessary.

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data

This indicator assumes that an advocacy plan is used by an advocacy team that meets periodically. If this is the case, the primary information you need to find out is the extent to which the advocacy team has used the advocacy plan as a “living document” that was updated whenever important information required a change. This means looking primarily at 1) what changes were made in the plan over time; and 2) how often changes are made. You can gain this information by:

   - reviewing relevant documents, such as records of the advocacy meetings, descriptions of any changes to the advocacy plan (and the rationale for such changes), and the different versions of the advocacy plan (which you can compare)

   - conducting interviews with the advocacy team members


To report on the indicator, explain how often and how the plan was reviewed and revised.

Important Comments

1) Revisions of an advocacy plan reflect that action and learning are happening – that as information from the ‘outside world’ is gathered, it is being processed to inform the ‘next steps’ on the advocacy journey. 


2) This indicator complements the ‘Advocacy Sharing and Learning’ indicator.

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